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Ice Breaker Game – Communications

Marker pen and string ice breaker game

HArtwork from String and Marker Pen Ice breaker Gameere’s a great little communications ice breaker exercise we used just recently suitable for small teams of 6-8.

It’s so simple, quick and easy to set up. Get a marker pen, paper and string. Tie long lengths of string to the pen and start to draw holding the ends of the string. The fun starts when you have to draw something specific – success is only obtained when the team communicates together. You could give the team an outline to draw around or a picture to copy!

You can use this at school, youth clubs or any kind of training or event

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Easy Team Building Game

Easy Team Building Game with Pen & String

Hi there! Here’s a fab team building game or ice breaker I just read about. I’m dying to try it myself.

The group is tasked to write using the strings to move a marker pen.

Have them do a variety of building from just drawing a circle- then a shape, then a word or sentence.

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Communications Exercise

Communications GameIf you’re looking for a novel way to demonstrate communication skills here’s a great little communications activity that will throw up lots for discussion on the accuracy of communication.

You will need a group size of at least 2 teams; a small lego model and an extra set of lego materials per team.

 Split the group into teams of 4-6 people and give each team a set of lego materials. Place the lego model away from the team’s view but make sure it is of equal distance from each team. Ask one member from each team to come forward to view the model for 20 seconds.

Send this person back to their group, when they should then instruct the rest of the team on how to build the model. They are not allowed to touch the model themselves. After one minute ask the teams to send another person to view for 5 seconds. This continues until the first team declare that they have the perfectly replicated model. The model is checked and if they are correct, they win, if not the exercise continues. The exercise can continue until all teams have finished.

This easy communications game will throw up plenty for discussion:

  • How accurate were the instructions given back to the group?
  •  How hard is it to re-create something without being able to see?
  • How difficult is it to view but not build?
  • How pressured were individuals?

If you enjoyed this communication ice breaker you will find many more fascinating games and icebreakers to enhance your training programs and events on the ice breaker ideas web-site. Sharon Naylor is passionate about ice breaker games and team building activities to get people joining in and having fun. “When people are switched on and engaged they are more disposed to learning and taking in the main messages of the day.” Games and icebreakers are suitable for any type of group and activity whether it be for young people or adults; work training, functions or social events, meetings and clubs.

Communications Icebreaker

communications icebreakerHere’s a great little communications ice breaker suitable for any kind of group training or team building session. There is no limit on size of group and it takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

Use random objects to create a minefield such as pieces of paper, clothing or file folders. Give the team members the “mines” and have them disperse them over an area such as a field or gym floor. After the mines are all set up, separate the team into pairs of people. Provide a blindfold for one of the people and allow the other person to have sight. Instruct the pairs that the person with sight has to successfully and physically guide their team mate through the minefield using just words. Allow all the pairs to go at the same time so that each blindfolded person has to listen closely for their leader.

A variation could be no physical contact between the pairs, and vary the distance of the leader from the blindfolded person.

Review the exercise by asking participants to name the skills needed to successfully complete the task

  • How did it feel to be blindfolded?
  • How difficult was it to hear instructions?
  • Were the instructions accurate enough to be able to complete the task?

This excellent  communication icebreaker illustrates leadership, communication and listening skills, trust, giving and receiving accurate instructions, giving and receiving feedback.

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Communication Icebreakers

There’s some great communication icebreakers on our ice breaker ideas web-site. Classics like Chinese Whispers and Grapevine, also hilarious ice breaker games describing objects without mentioning their names.

Just go to the ice breaker ideas web-site and take a look around!