easy ice breaker game

Quick Ice Breaker

Same As…

Here’s a quick & easy icebreaker that needs no preparation, great for new groups and suitable for any number. The only thing you need is space to mix.

Ask participants to stand up. When you call the first instruction ask them to find a partner and introduce themselves, and share 2 things about themselves. Announce the next instruction and ask themto  find a new, preferably unknown partner to share a bit about each other.

Instructions might be:

  • Find someone born in the same decade as you
  • Find someone with the same colour hair
  • Find someone with the same colour eyes
  • Same type of car
  • Same number of kids
  • Same height
  • Same birth month
  • Same school
  • Same job
  • Same pet
  • Same tastes in music, food
  • Same interest

A quick review might look at:

  •  How many introductions were made?
  •  How did you feel if not paired up?
  •  Were you amazed at the similarities we have?

Sharon Naylor is passionate about ice breaker games for work, play, parties, meetings, groups and clubs. A quick ice breaker at the start of a meeting or event helps people relax,  injects a sense of fun into gatherings, speed up that getting to know you stage and gets people ready to face the rest of the event with high energy and expectation. 

Tons more fantastic ideas for warming-up groups and quick icebreakers can be found on the ice-breaker-ideas web-site.